3 type of sites with high google AdSense revenue


Do you want to start your own internet business? You can first learn about google AdSense and how to monetize your website through google. In recent time google AdSense revenue have changed from what it used to be to something better. We are going to educate you on the 3 types of sites with high google AdSense revenue in 2019. Here are the 3 types of sites with high google AdSense revenue.

  1. A blog site.

A Blog site takes high revenue from google AdSense because it constantly changes its pages with new content almost every 30 minutes daily. This is in contrast to websites that changes its content 24 hours or 2 days. That is not the only reason behind blog site google AdSense revenue, blog sites have constant users apart from organic search from search engines, user of such site always visit every time for more gist and new posts to read. This gives them the magnitude of big force to explore this traffics into a very high AdSense revenue. But it is very hard to start a new website as a blog site posting copied contents reason behind this is because the big sites like Dailydot.com that have same content can’t allow you rank in such keywords unless you have a key to grabbing traffic to the blog. Generally the beginning of blogging could be very worrisome as many abandoned their blog after a year or few months of blogging. The big guys in the business is making it big, so if you want to blog be patient as you can one day because a high google AdSense revenue earner.

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2. Forum sites

This another big people into the Website business. This guys get a lot of money from their web business. Most often their contents are not generated by them, as the user ask themselves questions and answer same themselves. The characteristics of forum site is mutuality. It is mutual to the users, they use the site by obey the rules from the admin. Blogger uses this type of website to drive traffic to their site. Forum site is one of the best fun site to visit after social media. It is not a surprise that before the social media like Facebooks and twitter forum where in use as social media. Forum site are Reddit.com quota.com, nairaland.com and less of them. Why did they generate a lot of money from google AdSense revenue? It is simply through their traffic. Forum get a very high magnitude of traffics coming from different sources thereby boasting their AdSense revenue. Starting up a forum can be very difficult because you must have something like reinforcements that will stand to gain to succeed if not you will find it difficult to succeed because the big guys have really gone far. But with the new AdSense policy it can affect some forum if they are not careful.

3. A free online technology tools

You will be surprise why that type of site is included. It shouldn’t really surprise you. Free Online tools site makes a lot of money because its users keep visiting to check and do things in the site. The good things about them is that they don’t invest much like a blog and forum sites. They just have to build a strong web tools and make it free for it users traffic will follow and google AdSense revenue will be high. Site like seo free tools checkers and currency converters, webs calculator sites etc. Are the type of sites. How to succeed in such site. There is no shortcut to success, you must work you success through. Know what people want and how to get the people that want it is a tip to your success. Because you might not be able to rank in the search engine as a start. So media can help you get your choice of users and with time user can earn you direct traffics.

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Generally, gaining through google AdSense revenue just require traffic and not else. Don’t buy traffic because it can get kicked out of google AdSense revenue. Post relevant topics and avoid coping peoples posts, fill your blog with real contents and don’t allow people to copy your post. For me niche doesn’t matter as any good post that is properly writen will be crawled by Google algorithm, you can rank with any keyword on your site if you wrote it well. Get a website and start earn high google adsense revenue in your web business I wish you success

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