5 Reason why African Football is still backward

African sport

African Football is still backward after several years of triumphant successes recorded. football sport being the most followed sport in the world. football sport has over 265 millions in FIFA’s big count survey done in 2018 world cup. According to FIFA the game of soccer is the most popular sport in the world because the game soccer is actually played in own teams and local tournaments, numbered 265 million in their survey.

Though they are high records of success in western world like Europe, South and North America, Africa before Asia countries but seriously speaking, Asia should precede Africa in recent record not looking at the old stories or success because right now Asians are really doing much in the world of football than Africans. It is not a surprise that Qatar will be hosting the next world cup which is a big boast to Asian football. Now let bring it down to Africa, which country is really moving forward in sport generally apart south African, Egypt and Algeria? No other country in Africa. Do not use the success being record by Africans individually to ascertain the general success in their football rather use Africa football domestic performance. If that is the case Asia is far ahead of African football.

Here are 5 reason why African is still backward in sport. Bringing down sporting activities in African.

1. Corruption and false practice: It is not surprise that betting and gambling had affected African sport in a very negative ways as many tends only for profit than posterity. the officials of African football are very corrupt and incompetent to do the functions which they are assigned to do. Because of this reason they are mostly guilty if match fixing, selling of match, bribery and negative lifestyle that are so bad for the game of football.

The only African referee picked by FIFA in 2018 world cup was found corrupted having being filmed taking bribe for match fixing. He was immediately dropped and no one could represent the continent both Christians and Muslims failed. Subsequently a Nigerian player was suspended for carry prostitutes into the training ground, these are ills practices which brings down the image of the beautiful African sport.

2. Irresponsible government: In European countries, government are know to be encouraging and supportive in the game of sport. they are needs for governments to support sports because apart from the entertainment it gives, it is a boast to country’s or nation’s economy. Football sport creates jobs and reduce crime but Africa leaders are so corrupt that they barely think about the future than themselves. Of recent the Sudanese president room was search and hard currencies worth if billion of dollars where discovered, this is money discovered what about the hidden ones? this is the type of leader that crippled Africa. ofcourse a billion dollar stadium can be a massive transformation for Sudanese sports but one person had claimed their future. So such irresponsible governments can not do anything good for the country to develop in sport. The Liberian President Weah George who was a sport man couldn’t do anything in sport for his country how could they be improvement in the African football.

3. Political interference: Sporty position should always based on merit not on political gratification or satisfaction but the case is not same in African sport. Politician have constant lobby with the sport board to coerce the tone to their test especially who occupy a position or not, bringing in the Mediocre into the field to scatter what had already be built by experts. Nigeria would have been banned by FIFA in 2018 because of same leadership crisis. The quest for power demand change of rules to suit a particular candidate.

4. Tribalism and Ethnicity: African is a tribal continent, as racism is a problem in the west is same tribe is an issue in Africa. An most often it is being moved to sport and such becomes an issue to the Head coach or the manager as so many laws had been bent to favour their tribal and ethical attributes. Such laws like the head coach while making selection of his team, must pick from every state or region. Even if such rules is absent you will see that some coaches will prefer to pick their under performing brother to effective outside unlike what they have in Europe where a coach will not even care about his relative while discharging his duty. Diego Simenon Althletico Madrid had a son that plays in Italy team.

5. Religion and false beliefs: It is not a surprise that in African, people still belief in witchcraft, false practices and manipulations. Ofcourse African people belief they can use their juju can change everything with their magical powers. That’s why Africans accept foreign religions to fight their former belief which is really a problem for one to think that way. Africa is a religious continent with multiple religious practices which prevents them from interacting comfortably with each other especially people outside their religious belief. It is not a surprise that a Muslim coach might not be willing to pick a Christian player over Muslim player because he belief they are infidels and should be allow to live or which should be excommunicated.

However; African football and African sport entirely is really facing a difficult problems which if not taken care-of it will land the continent back to it kneels in sport. For instance the Egyptians Roma forward Stephan El Shaarawy who was rejected because he was a Christian switched side to Italy and host of others.

Other problems frequently experienced in African football are

  •  Neglect to homebased players
  •  Lack of facilities
  •  Age falsification
  •  Lack of Medicate aid
  •  Low salaries or even lack of attractive salaries
  •  Government neglect on sport


African sport have recorded numerous success even with all the problems listed above but could you speculate the possible achievements which Africa can attend doing the right thing in African sport. Since African players can comfortably compete with their counterparts outside the continent.