6 ways to seek for job replacement

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    Are you working already but you are having difficulties in your place of work. Follow our guild you will discover a better means to seek for job replacement in any where in the world. Don’t be a fool that works like an elephant and feed like an ant. It is really sympathetic but we are here to help you come out of such irritating problems. Here are best ways to seek for job replacement while you’re still working in another place.

    • Follow social media and blogs

    As you know, the world is moving digital and everything is now online, most jobs offers are published online and mostly are online application, gone are those days where employers find employees through newspapers reason being that it is very costly or expensive run newspaper ads. Now so many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as powerful blogs are now the means for which ministries, companies and individuals inform the public on job vacancy. You have to follow the company or ministry you want to work in their social media handle in other to get first hand information.

    • Don’t let people know your intention

    Be careful about your mode and attitude to work. This is the area most people get it wrong, even if you want of change your job or get another one. don’t make it obvious especially when you are still interested in the job you are doing. Or you really can’t afford to lose your current job without another one immediately. So don’t let people know you are seeking for a job except your close friends who can be of help to you.

    • Be serious with your intention

    That you shouldn’t make it obvious that you need a new job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be serious about it. Be sure that if you don’t bother yourself over it no one will do it for you. You might not be able to get it because you are not really being serious about it. So search for job as if you don’t have anyone at all already. Don’t say I don’t know yet. Don’t procrastinate anything, do it as much as you can.

    • Don’t let interview conflict with your current job

    In as much as you want a job replacement. You have not gotten it already, it is advisable to remain professional over it and not to be rude or cut protocols. Like leaving without taking excuse or being absent from work with permission etc. It is advisable you still maintain a cool relationship with you current boss at least he gave you the job. However that you are called for interview doesn’t mean you got the job.

    • Be careful in choosing your grantor.

    Most work this days requires a grantor, as someone who is seeking job replacement don’t choose someone who can sabotage your efforts or someone that isn’t that good to you. Be courteous enough to choose carefully. I believe our guild can assist get a job replacement.

    • Don’t bit the finger that feed you.

    In as much as you don’t like your current job do make it look like you are a bad person. As you seek for a better offer still maintain the good relationship with your employer and your coworkers it might turnout to be them that will assist you in future. That is our Candide advice to you. Good luck as you seek for job replacement. Follow our guild you will get a better offer.