8 Health benefits of good sleep

rest and sleep

The health benefits of good sleep. Are you still working yourself out for money? Remember your health is your wealth. These are the reasons why you should not joke with your eight-hours sleep.

  • It is healthy to take Nap.

Reasons why you should not joke with your nap is because it is help you to regain your energy for work. Have you ever being tired and feel very weak all of a sudden you slept off in noon time, when you wake up how do you feel? If I guess right it will surely be weakness at first and after full strength. Human body is not a machine that just need only fuel to function. You need so many things to really be good and to feel healthy, so don’t joke with your nap. It is great to have a comfortable nap as it makes the body regain strength for more work.

  • Good sleep helps your digestive system.

Studies have shown that sleeping on your left hand side can aid good digestion and allows your body to digest the food with enough time. So it is important to sleep but this doesn’t call for you to take much food before going to bed. This is the reason behind that while you sleep, your body should be at rest mood which means your digestive system should be resting too not digesting food so taking to much food before you sleep is really not a good idea. You might love to know what the body need for digestion the body needs heats to break the digestive juices into smaller particles causing large molecules of food break down in little molecules and particles.

  • Good sleep rests your brain

Good sleep simply means brain rest, brain controls all the parts of the body so it almost impossible to keep the brain to work and Still be sleeping. To have a good sleep the brain must rest and meant to begin something new after sleep. If you stress the brain to much it can back fire to you back as you could start having brain disease at your ageing stages. So try as much as you can to get good sleep they is nothing better than that. As you sleep you rest your brain.

  • Lack of good sleep can land you to insomnia.

Psychologists have argued that insomnia are caused by sleeping difficulties which are often connected to  stress, anxiety and depression. Insomnia is one of the worst kind of disease because your body output will definitely reduce by force. According to American psychology Association insomnia is caused behaviour that interferes with good sleeping habit which is to say it causes lack of sleep. The more you sleep, it will make you happier, healthier and safer. People than have little type for sleep dies fast than those that have good sleeping time.

  • Religiously, only people that sleep dreams

If you don’t sleep you hardly dream and it might be hard to communicate with God, People often believe that God can communicate with them in their dreams, If you want that to happen to you get a good sleep I believe God will visit you soon. Smile*


Sleeping less than 8 hours at night might affect your performance in the day time. When I was in college I hardly have a good time to sleep because I usually read in night class but it really affected my performance during the day as I used to sleep during class time. It didn’t just stop they it affected my performance academically instead of improving I wasn’t recording much success. The importance of sleeping can’t be just little. It does a lot of work in the body system especially in respiratory system. So get good sleep now.

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