Why clicking your own google AdSense

clicking ones own adsense account

Read this before you think of clicking your own google AdSense, It is not news that people tend to outsmart google by trying to make quick money through AdSense by clicking their own ad. It is laughable but it is not really a good idea for you to do that. We are going to explain to you why you shouldn’t try to do that in recent time especially from 2019 as Google AdSense is concerned.

  • Individual verification of websites by Google.

Before now google allow approved site to have as many as 500 websites attached to the AdSense approved account without verifying such sites individually. But that rule is no more as Google now require anyone who wishes to use AdSense as means of monetizing his website to go through individual verification. So if you want to add a new website you also have to do same verification for the new one. Because of this clicking your own ad is a very big risk taken in sense that once your site is banned you, it is very hard to get approved again which clicking your own ad doesn’t really worth it.

  • You can’t never outsmart google Adsense algorithm.

Clicking your own Google AdSense is not something worth considering, here is fact you may not know about Google, before you login to google AdSense account, google algorithm takes record of your activities online, the device you are using, the webmaster you using to login, the places you visit even after, your name and google account. Of course you can’t use AdSense without google account. So if you login check your activities, when any click is not natural it becomes a problem to the AdSense account which generated such bad or dishonest click. clicking your own google adsense, don’t give it a second thought.

  • Google don’t really need you again.

It might be overstatement but it is true, you find google not google finding you. When google where looking for where to advertise is gone, now google is one of the highest paid per click online advertisements platform which is used across the world. That is to say google has over a billion online website subscribers who are pleading and depending on google for advert. So your little website should not be a problem to google that is why it easily get you kicked out without apologies for their actions, as you see that those been banned from that same reason hardly retain their place again. Remember most of the appeals from website owners and publishers are replied by robot not even a human for you to see how busy google can be to be disturbed by your problems. So before you click your own google AdSense think twice.

  • Google AdSense is where google get it main revenue.

If you make a good research you will find out that google AdSense algorithm is the strongest and most efficient amongst other algorithm in Google. Did you know why? it is where google’s money is gotten from. If advertisers didn’t come, google have to borrow to pay their staffs and run other expenses for people to be able to run free service you and me are enjoying today. Google knows exactly your position, your locations zip code etc when you click on any ad, it enables google to know publishers earnings for that click. If they discovered it not genuine you will be sent a warning massage and next time it happens you will be banned. Before you click your own google AdSense consider it whether the click worth losing your accumulated earnings.

  • You previous earnings will be removed.

If you are found guilt of clicking your own google AdSense, your previous earnings will be removed from you account and refunded to the advertisers which means you are starting afresh to make the case worse you only standing in one leg because whether it is an act or omission again your site is out of it. Imagine losing you back links and ranks because of a single click. Just know that you are the one that will definitely lose.

Finally google have everything in place to detect any bad act from you. Please don’t click your own google AdSense because you won’t gain from doing so. Imagine a website without the best and most visited search engine in the world. It will be so bad. Remember clicking your own google AdSense is not the only reason google can banned your site.

These are other host of reason why google AdSense can put off their ad from your blog or app

  • Traffic buying
  • Getting traffic from bad source like porn sites
  • Posting pictures that are bullying
  • Posting naked pictures in your websites
  • Posting gambling and betting things
  • Posting hacking advice or tools etc.

If you desire to use google AdSense don’t disobey their rules. Google is honest and don’t like working with dishonest people. I wish you well as you succeed in you web business.

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