Check Out Official Pictures Of Housemates From The Saturday Night Party


Initially, the viewers thought the housemates did not know how to have fun but the story has changed now and the housemates are living their best house in the house.

See some pictures from their third Saturday night party in the house:

Could Jackye be admiring Jeff?

Port Harcourt’s first first daughter Simply tacha obviously had fun

The Housemates having fun

Tuoyo was the life of the party

Diane and Tuoyo

Tuoyo was having fun

Love Birds Khafi and Gedoni

Mike had so much

What could Omashola be thinking about ?

Mercy was not merciful with her backside at all during the party

Ike looks carried away with the enjoyment

Spot the ever lively Khafi

Association of gentle men

Frood and Tacha taking a selfie

Do you think Frodd is going home today?

Spot Sir Dee seriously digging it

Fun Fun Fun all the way

Tuoyo and Esther doing their thing


President of the beard gang association

See the Anger on Ike’s face


Some please tell us what Omashola was doing ?

The hot pepper dem housemates

Her royal Majesty HOH Esther

Who is your favourite housemate ?