Cost of website blogging in Nigeria

Cost of website blogging in Nigeria

Cost of website blogging in Nigeria: Are you interested in running a website blogging. But you don’t know how much to budget for the business. Blogging can be a lucrative business but not a free business even using google blogger requires cost and now one can only advice you on how much you need to start up and run your own blog in Nigeria. People tends to jump into business caring less about requirements and stats. How can someone succeed in what he doesn’t know, It is near to impossible. We are going to breakdown your running cost and starting cost with a good viable stats.

  • Starting cost

It is laughable when you see adverts in internet about starting a blog with just N20,000, it is not just true it is a real false. It is before when Nigeria money was valuable that such can be obtainable unless you want a website with low loading speed and slow in viewing your webpage. For you to start a good SEO(search engine optimization) friendly site. you must have at least N70,000 to N80,000. Bearing in mind that is only for good website design and search engine friendly site. Remember I’m talking about a reasonable standard of website not any type of website. Of course you can get a WordPress site as low as N20,000 but the question will be what will be the nature of such site, how can you function with such website. If you need a good website contact 08060450260.

These are Cost of website blogging in Nigeria

  • You have to buy a domain name for one year $13
  • Good Hosting plan $100
  • SEO tools  $80
  • cost of design $100 to $250

Unless you go for a lesser quality service you can’t have a better price here. If you want to build a website for blogging it is better to spend once and have a quality site than spend little and keep fixing issues. You can have a website as costly as $3000 to $100,000 or more. It depends on your budget but to have something tangible don’t be fooled by people asking for little cash to start a website for you because I believe they want to commit you and after they will tell you the truth when your money is in their hands. So the cost of starting a website blogging in Nigeria is calculated to range from N70,000 to N2.6 billion.

  • Running the website blogging
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This is another part of it, people just think that It is only to register website once it appears online, I’m now a blogger but it isn’t true at all. That is when the main expenses started. You have to post contents that are plagiarized free if you are interested in using AdSense policy in your website. To start your website as a news site without AdSense having approved such a website before posting those news is a waste of time and energy. You have to prove to google you have something new to offer them and that is why you have open up a website. It’s just news that they want, they have thousands of websites doing that already. So you might need to employ a content writer if you can’t write yourself. Which require monthly salaries or expenses on its own.

  • Raising traffic

How can you bring traffic into your virgin blog. It is not easy because your blog is new one and lacks enough of contents possibly doesn’t rank in any keyword in google, how can you bring people to your website, traffic buying is the option if you can wait for your blog to gradually grow. When I said traffic buying I don’t mean buying traffic through wrong source it simply means you need an advert. Gone are those days people easily break into blogging to become kings without proper advert. It doesn’t exit anymore or the chances is 90% against 10% don’t get me wrong. This is because though matter the niche you choose they are already thousands of websites that are already they before you so to beat them, you have to push harder by trying to use advert in a legitimate source to conquer into the field if not you will blog for 5 years and still remain poor in Nigeria.  Advert is not a small expenses too, it’s costs a lot to advertise your blog. But once you have the money you can exile with few months but don’t forget organic traffic is the best. Why I didn’t talk about it much is that your content writer is already handling the issue and will probably know how SEO works.

  • Data and internet Access
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Data is the major thing that make your website work or not. So when you don’t have data to post in your website your blogging becomes a bad omen. You must be ready to spend in data usage because everything requires data. To research on google keyword planner you need data for internet access data is required also. You will be spending up to N10,000 on data monthly depending on how often you update your blog and the niche you’re into. Niche like music and video will consume more data then plain text site. That is the cost of website blogging in Nigeria as regards data access. Other cost are numerous, they is no how I can capture every you require for blogging. All you need to no is that the cost of website blogging in Nigeria depends deeply on the area and the scale you choose to blog in. If you succeed in blogging you will be very happy but if you will be patient blogger. blogging doesn’t require impatient and if you’re looking for quick money blogging might not be the answer to that. We have shown you the real Cost of website blogging in Nigeria. leave a comment.

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