Egyptian kamana whitening cream

Egyptain kamana whitening cream

Wow it is such nice to learn new skills here in we want to Educate you on how to make Egyptian kamana whitening cream for as short time as 30 minutes ?. Read the steps careful and follow it in the way we arrange it. before we start I will love to let you know what Egyptian kamana cream is all about.

An Egyptian kamana whitening cream is a bleaching cream that is very effective in whipping out your dark skin and replacing it with a new sparkling one with no dark spots left in your body.  The chemical components are easy to assess, it is in the market and super stores everywhere you are.

Here are the components of Egyptian kamana whitening cream.

  • Emulsifying wax – about 1.5tsp
  • Stearic acid – about 1/2tsp
  • Oliver oil – 3tsp
  • Bees wax – 3tsp
  • Bee extract ( pro polis) – 15tsp
  • Rose extract/water – 1 full cup
  • Citric acids – 1tsp
  • Preservative chemical – 2tsp
  • Bee pollens – 2tsp
  • Royal jelly – 1tsp
  • Goat milk power – 100 grams
  • Lavenders oils – 6 drops
  • Real honey – 2tsp
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To Start making the cream, you have to bring in two boilers, in case you have electric appliances like microwave, it can melt it by putting it into the oven at a very short time and turn the mixture at a regular timing. Use a real boiler to help you get it done easily. After that we are moving to next step.

These are the best steps to follow why trying to make an Egyptain kamana whitening cream.

  • Put together the strearic acid, olive oil and emulsifying wax in the two boilers then slowly mix the ingredients constantly till it stick together.
  • Heat the rose water and add the citric acids into it. Then mix it together till it stick together.
  • Try to combine all the other remain ingredients mentioned earlier with the rose water and mix them all together.
  • Then put the mixture into blender and mix until it’s smooth and nice for use.
  • You have to sieve the mixture in a clan finer texture
  • Carry the heated mixture if the stearic acid, emulsifying wax and olive oil and turn it round till it becomes very light and fluffy.
  • Then gently add the blended mixture turning it very well after each add.
  • Fridges the mixture for 15 minutes
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Take the mixture out if the fridge and turn it again and again, use something like mixer to turn it. It will become lighter as you turn it round. Now you can add the whitening substance such as glutatahione for an improved lightening effects. When you complete this step don’t add any other item in it.

Turn it till you get the exact texture you prefer then you are good to go as your cream is fit for use. You can put it in container and store it in a cool and dry place.

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