Get Your Payroll In Full Bitcoins

Get Your Payroll In Full Bitcoins

Payroll In Bitcoins

Spanish companies are trying to get on the cryptocurrency cart, and some already think of bitcoins to pay their employees and receive payments. A large part of the population is not clear about what bitcoins are, although this is a term that is becoming quite popular in the last two years, but on the other hand, there are those who already receive part of their salary in this virtual currency and sometimes even have.

As with all advances in technology, “it will take a couple of years” for the population to adapt to change and “cryptocurrencies will become a daily thing.”

Curro Quevedo appears to work at Zoo, a mobile repair shop situated in Barcelona’s ABC Serrano shopping plaza where one of the Bitnovo company’s first cryptocurrencies ATMs was recently installed.

The solely responsible says it was installed after a year and a half, and it wasn’t used quite at first.

But now “people come and buy bitcoins every day” So how does it work?

It isn’t a cashier to use, but a vending machine where many you enter the quantity in euros you really want to exchange for bitcoins (from 10 to 500 euros) and generate a coupon which you can change for virtual currency on your website and within three months.

“There are young people who purchased it even if they did.

Are there already salaries in bitcoins?

“Some other companies already pay in Barcelona’s bitcoins,” says NevTrace founder and chairman Pablo F. Burgueño, a crypto-dumbs specialist. In his case demonstrates that they raised in the company but decided it would be better to keep charging in euros and then each “purchased the bitcoins you want” therefore by law “you can only receive 30 percent of salaries in this currency” even though it is recognized as a payment in kind to the be a digital asset. Furthermore, it is a very high-risk payment well to it. “If this large amount is offered to the employee, he runs the risk of losing everything, so the small collection is like that and at most 30 percent of total salary cannot be imposed,” Burgueño demonstrates.

The ReparaTuDeuda company has decided that their workers can collect the portion of their salary in Bitcoins, although they make clear that “not as a tax advantage since anything pays the same, but to promote the use of new technologies,” Enrique Espinosa, CTO, said. They are currently in the training phase, so workers will learn more about this cryptocurrency and decide.

The CTO also announces that ATMs are installed in its headquarters in order to ensure that people can change Bitcoins for euros with their “virtual wallet.”

Outside our borders, there are more cases. The Japanese Internet services giant GMO announced last December, which is the first such initiative between large companies in the world that it would pay in bitcoin part of its wages to 4,700 employees who will do so from February. Country. Nation. Region. Continent.

The company offers between € 10,000 (€ 74) and € 100,000 (€ 748) in the virtual currency a fraction of its salary. According to a comment from the Japanese company, it strives to “encourage the active use of virtual currency” among employees and to “strengthening knowledge about this whole type of currency.”

Houses in bitcoins

Despite its lack of confidence in the market, its recent restrictions and its increased control by the Treasury, Bitcoin also strengthens its immovable market, which experts believe is a matter of time to consolidate this currency. In fact, the photo portal Fotocasa already contains houses only for sale in bitcoins.

It is an apartment house of 200 square meters with sea view in El Sauzal, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The only cryptocurrency can be acquired at a price of 45 bitcoins (approximately € 450,000). This newspaper from Fotocasa ensures that the trend is “totally new and does not yet have many followers.” There are currently nine homes on this portal that accept payment from bitcoins. They underline that there are four of these houses in Catalonia. “They are not intermediaries at any time of the exchange, so we will allow them to announce the payment types that owners want to make while the payment type is legal and regulated” explains the same sources.

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