How to Get Free Project Topics for Your Education Research Project

How to Get Free Project Topics for Your Education Research Project

Wondering how to get free project topics for your final year project to submit to your supervisor for approval? It is possible because you are on the right page.

We understand how frustrated a student feels in their final year (second semester) when getting project topics for their final year project.

This article will do justice on how to get project topics for your final year research for free. Before we list out free websites to get free project topics we will want you to understand what final year project is all about.

What is a Final Year Project?

The final year project is the project you have to complete in the second semester of your 4th, 5th or 7th year in school before you graduate (depending the year).

How to Get Free Project Topics for Your Education Research Project
How to Get Free Project Topics for Your Education Research Project

Extensive essays, a research project, an independent study, a dissertation, and other academic papers are important elements to obtain a diploma issued in institutions of higher education.

Research is carried out every day of our lives, whether in a formal or informal environment. The literal meaning of the word research refers to a survey, which invariably implies that every time one gets involved in the investigation process, that person already conducts a search, we often conduct research to obtain clarifications about facts and phenomena.

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However, this particular aspect of the requirements of the university tends to pose many limitations and bottlenecks to most students of higher education institutions, due to the lack of understanding and deep knowledge of what is being investigated.

Top 3 Best Website to get Research project topics

These websites listed below are the top-ranking website you can use to get free project topics and quality complete materials for your final year project.


This is the best academic website in Nigeria where students can get recent free project topics ideas for submission for all departments. Students in NCE, OND, BSC, HND, MBA, MSC, and PGD, PhD can get their topics for free.

And also, they can get complete quality project materials for their final year project from chapters one to five with abstract, table of contents, references, and questionnaire and source codes. It was founded in 2016 by a Nigerian student ( Chibueze Damian) who decided to assist students in need of research topics.

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This website has 50 thousand plus project topics and materials ready for instant download. With this website, you are guaranteed (A grade) if you get your material on this website.

Academia.Edu is a popular academic website in America and also it is a commercial social networking research website. This website allows final year project students, lecturers to create a profile, get free project topics ideas, upload their work(s), and select areas of interest. Then the user can browse the networks of people with similar interests.


ResearchGate is a professional network for scientists and researchers. Over 15 million students in the world use it to share, discover, and discuss research. They are guided by the mission to connect the world of science and make research open to all.

After selecting your project topics on this website listed above, submit them to your supervisor for approval. And after approval, do not rush to start writing your research project because these websites have the complete materials of your approved topic. You can go back to get your materials instantly.