In the middle of a territorial crisis, the King bets for Barcelona and eludes critique of secessionism

In the middle of a territorial crisis, the King bets for Barcelona and eludes critique of secessionism

In the middle of a territorial crisis, the King bets for Barcelona and eludes critique of secessionism

The movement for independence is mobilized to reject the Monarch’s presence

This Sunday King Felipe VI appealed to’ institutional cooperation’ in Barcelona as the basis of’ success’ when implemented for’ clear goals and in the interest of all.’ The Head of State made a closed defense for Barcelonas and their residents during the opening dinner of the world mobile trade fair that this week is to attract over 100 000 directors of the telecommunications sector in the city of Catalonia, He said, and called upon the city to remain on the site of the event, although the government warned the city hours before he would suffer in the face of secessionist tensions.

As the’ contestant to house the European technology center that develops 5 G technology’ the King has decided in English, Catalan and Spain for the Catalan capital. “The history of this Barcelona Congress is a success story over years,” he said. And thanks to the people of Barcelona, he added: “that the central government, the Government of Catalonia and the Council of Barcelona have worked and worked together.”

Felipe VI had made a first visit to Catalonia in the past six months on the institutional crisis that confronted the rest of Spain and avoided alluding to the process and to the leaders of the secession who focused their recent most important speeches, such as that which took place on 3 October, and Christmas, the prize for Princeta Award. the first visit to Catalonia

On Sunday the Head, the President of the Catalan Chamber and the representatives of the Generalitat of Barcelona organized by the Royal House to receive authorities and organizers every year in the Mobile Lounge, avoided criticizing the independance movement and tried to reduce the tension after the controversy over recent hours.

In addition to the Delegate President of the government in Catalonia, Enric Millo, and the General Director of GSMA, Mats Granryd, the King arrived and received Álvaro Nadal, the Minister of Industry, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria.

Parliament’s President Torrent, Roger, and the city’s Mayor were not going to besamanos as they had advanced on Saturday, but at the subsequent dinner held in the Palau de la Música, the independence movement mobilized in the street to protest against the monarch, who had been loudly caceroladed by the independence movement.

In the middle of a territorial crisis, the King bets for Barcelona and eludes critique of secessionism

The last visit to Barcelona by the Head of State on 28 August. The demonstration was to participate in the refusal of the Ramblas and Cambrils attacks. The indigenous leaders of the’ esteladas’ march and posters against the monarchy and the central government were then received by FelipeVI with their whistles and boos. The independence movement mobilized again six months ago to express its refusal.

There were charges against police and injuries on this occasion. The motto of the hundreds of secessionists who demonstrated in Barcelona city center yesterday was’ Outside the Bourbon.’ The Mossos have been forced to protect all the access to the Palau de la Música and as secessionist demonstrators mix with the sympathizers of the imagined Tabarnia the tension increased.

Puigdemont attacks

Since his last visit in Barcelona, the political scene has rained a great deal: 1-O referendum, 3-O general strike, the King’s discourse, republic proclamation, 155, jail, and elections in Catalonia. So much so rained that the king visited Catalonia for the first time and was not received by an autonomously authorised government: because Catalonia did not yet have a government and because it did not protest the position of the monarch in relation to the sovereignty process of the representatives who might have left general secretaries.

The presence of Felipe VI in Catalonia is being denounced

Carles Puigdemont didn’t miss the chance from Belgium to brandish the anger with the head of state in secessionism. The former President of the Generalitat, who shared his presence in the mobile room with the King last year, said: “King Felipe VI will be welcomed as the highest authorizing body in Spain last October for the inconstitutional role he played.

The climate is of greatest tension as can be seen in the rebellion on Thuesday in Barcelona, when the judicial dome of Catalonia spoke of “political prisoners,” against Roger Torrent. The movement for freedom denounces the monarch as not neutral, leading the “for them,” and urging the Government to apply the 155 in its 3-O speech. “The legitimate powers of the state are responsible for the safeguard of the constitutional order,” the President said. He was accused by the sovereignty of not appealing to dialog or referring to the injured by 1-O policing charges.

“The King’s presence in Barcelona symbolizes the support of the Crown and Spain as a whole for the MWC and the development and strength of the Catalan economy,” he said. “The government, however, described the King’s rudeness as” unfair and petly, “and he warned that he put Barcelona at risk that” the world event of such importance may continue.

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