A Malaysia-based Nigerian man in a message addressed to those asking questions about the 'scare and change in his face', narrated how he was almost killed by a blood brother over an undisclosed issue. Advising his followers never to check up on their generator when it goes off at night, the Nigerian man revealed that he underwent 2 major brain surgeries after the attack by his blood brother 3 months ago. Narrating how the incident occurred, he wrote; The Disadvantage of being a Nigerian ??. You Rich or Poor you are in Trouble. Family & Outsiders hate you for living abroad. This for alot of people, customers, Friends that always ask why my Face change. My Face change because i survived Death 3 months ago. 2nd MARCH 2019 till 1st of MAY. My face change because i undergo 2 MAJOR BRAIN SURGERY NEWLY. Being a Nigerian living in Abroad makes you a heavy TARGET once you travel back home. I drag my life out from the hands of death with the help of GOD & Money. 2 Brain surgery, medication, 2 different specialist hospital stay and bills not a cheap cost in Nigeria. In my own Case my kid junior brother that i have send to ABROAD 3 times with my hard Earn money & he refused to survive. Instead come back to live in my house and eat my food in Nigeria Wearing clothes from my shop, driving my cars. He Decided KILLING ME was his Best Option. My advice: ONCE YOUR GENERATOR GOT SWITCHED OFF AT NIGHT, DONT GO OUT TO CHECK IT. Now you know my story for this year. Pls if you see me on the road or my shops or anywhere Stop asking me why i got scare and bruises on my face & why my face change. Its indeed very hard to tell always to different people. I am VICTOR AKALANZE and this is the story of the scares in my face.