Mobile begins the most politicised

Mobile begins the most politicised

Mobile begins the most politicised

Despite the organizers’ warnings that if a climate of instability continues, they would take the technology fair to another city, independent groups would put out posters and set up the King at their first dinner.

Barcelona is all eyes, and it is not for political reasons for the first time in months. The Mobile World Congress, the largest mobility fair in the world, kick-offed its 13th Barcelona event on Monday. The major technology companies are already beginning to teach their media letters on Sunday, although more measured presentations are available this year than on other occasions.

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But in this global event, not all is technology. In a press conference following rumors on the possible move of MWC to another location following an illegal referendum on 1st October last week, John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, started a strong message: no stability environment, the doors are open for leaving Barcelona. Catalan Capital Commitment capital is until 2023 per contract, but is subject to a “security” environment.

But the warning does not seem to be a golden chance to internationalize the conflict in the independent sector. A 28×10 meter banner with the motto ‘ Free Political Prisoners’ was installed at the Plaza de Catalonia, with reference to Junqueras, Forn and Jordis in jail.

Mobile begins the most politicised

And this Sunday King Felipe VI will be visiting Barcelona this Sunday on his first visit since the August demonstration. The Monarch coincided with Carles Puigdemont, then president of the Government, who was now fleeing Brussels in his last year’s edition.

This time it’s expected Roger Torrent to attend the President of parliament, but Mayor Ada Colau on Saturday rejected the invitation for ‘ institutional responsibility in front of thousands of police accused.

Two independent leaders have also announced their absence from the king’s opening ceremony. Both Jordi Puigneró, Generalitat’s Secretary for Information Technologies, and Alfred Bosch, ERC Group chairman in the Hall of the City, called for the Felipe VI “protest” after a referendum.

The FIO called a protest in Barcelona in the presence of the King and claimed to blow his trucks horns and go to the balcony with the pot on the scheduled time of arrival, around 21 hours this Sunday.

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