PBL Insurance $1,000 scholarships Program Apply now


PBL Insurance $1,000 scholarships Program Apply now: Each year PBL will generously donate four (4) $1,000 scholarships to eligible students who are interested in a career in insurance.

This scholarship, provided by Shanghai government for international students studying in Shanghai, is in two types: A, B. Type A, exclusively for those who study for Master’s or Doctoral degrees, is a full scholarship, including tuition, free accommodation, accident insurance, allowance for a living; Type B, only for those who study degrees, is partial scholarship, only including tuition accident insurance.

Eligibility: Full-time students; Interested in a career in insurance; age 26 or younger

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Award Type: Current students

Action: Application Required

Availability: Domestic Students

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Level of Study: Open

Deadline to Apply: 19-Mar-20

Actual Deadline Date: Fall/Spring

Best Link: https://pblinsurance.com/scholarship-program/

Academic Year: 2019-2127


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