Between the President and the Governor, who is your Real Enemy?


Between the President and the Governor, who is your Real Enemy? Abrogation of State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) and granting of Financial Autonomy to all Nigerian Local Governments is the highest achievement of Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration. Therefore, this is time to recall all Ebonyi State National Legislators from our two chambers in Abuja for being guilty of vote against local government autonomy.

It is about time the stranglehold of the state governors on the SIEC and in the conduct of local government elections comes to shameful end. I agree that Buhari’s abrogation of SIEC and State/local government joint account would satisfy our yearnings for pure local and grassroot democracy.

I also commend the majority of National Assembly members and her leadership for voting in favour of abrogation of SIEC and financial autonomy of local government. Well meaning Nigerians should exert pressure on our state rubber stamp legislators to do the needful, by voting in concurrence with Federal Law-Makers whenever they consider the Constitution Amendment Bill.

Do remember gathering of the perfidy that Edo State under her former Governor Mr. Adams Oshiomhole committed years back. In Esan North Local Government election when the result, which was supposed to be announced in Benin, while collation was still going on in Uromi, results were being announced in Benin.

Local Government Autonomy will bolster accountable grassroots development and stimulate local administration, but above all give loud voice to our youths who have been watching from the sideline for a long time while the Governors continued to wound our Commonwealth without proper checks.

Within 16 years of PDP in power through election malpractices, flourishing National Assets established by our founding Fathers, including NITEL, Aladja Steel, Ajaokuta Steel, Iwopin Paper Mill, Bacita Sugar Company, to mention a few, were sold off by Prodigal Administrations of OBJ and GEJ. And as at today, most pensioners of these companies were never paid a dime.

Finally, we should understand that restructuring just started with SIEC. Again, the President can not achieve this without a brutal fight with the Governors, especially PDP governors, but I am convinced that the whole Nigerians excluding few criminals will fight alongside with Mr President.