The Civil Guard blocks 23 film and games download websites

The Civil Guard blocks 23 film and games download websites

The Civil Guard blocks 23 film and games download websites

In some cases, without being released in Spain, Divxtotal, Gamestorrents, and Estrenosdtl, among other services, have made direct access to P2P links for the download of any type of protected audiovisual material, but on Tuesday, the Civil Guard announced the start of a blocking of websites that load copyrighted content blocking 23 web pages free of charge.

Downloading of P2P-contained connections from all types of protected audiovisual material in this first phase of the’ Cascada ‘ operation led by the Central Operational Unit (UCO). Without being released in Spain in some cases.

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The Civil Guardia stated that, without even having to be sold in physical or digital formats or dubbed audio in various languages, the blocked websites, including,, and, offered quality versions of movies available on our country’s movie billboard.

The Civil Guard blocks 23 film and games download websites

Most of the web pages investigated had very high daily visit rates, some of which were the best known and used in our country to download all kinds of protected audiovisual material illegally and free of charge. These domains were initially created by a Spanish-speaking person who then sold them to a company based in Argentina, its current owner and administrator.

According to researchers the people responsible for these pages used several methods to prevent closing or locking, including by hiding their actual server location and registered domain data, even when the servers ‘ locations in different countries were changed constantly.

In cases where domains had previously been judicially blocked, reactivated within hours and had virtually identical domain names or even only the extension changed, the telematic department at UCO has detected cases.


Like i said the researchers have suggested that the people in charge of these pages used various methods to prevent their servers from closing or blocking, such as hiding the actual location of their servers and the registration of their domains even with their constant change in location in various countries.

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