Too many difficulties to maintain a telematic relationship with the administration

Too many difficulties to maintain a telematic relationship with the administration

Too many difficulties to maintain a telematic relationship with the administration

Internet users associations ensure that digital signature rehabilitation can only be carried out with obsolete and uncertain browsers

Many of the administrative procedures any citizen, business or association has to do with the Public Administration can only be done through telematics. For example, anyone who wants to apply through the internet for some of the public job offers has to do it. Or any Tax Agency paperwork can also be done via the network.

To do this, an electronic signature is needed. However, the renewal of this digital signature is a path full of obstacles, as reported by the Association of Internet Users (AUI) and the Association of Internet Users (AI).

“The issue is simple, but important,” explains AUI president Víctor Domingo. When you need to renew your digital certificate, you’re asked for some requirements, but if you don’t have certain browsers, you can’t do it.

The problem is they’re asking for old versions of Explorer and Firefox, “he explains.” We’re always asking the user to update their browser to avoid security issues like’ malware’ and’ bugs’ (computer errors).

If you need to uninstall your current browser or add one that is not up-to-date to renew the digital certificate, we also place obstacles and difficulties in that telematic relationship with the administration, “says Domingo.

The two organizations lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Finance because the current browsers were unable to renew or request certificates from the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT) over the Internet. Both organizations have requested protection from the Ombudsman after receiving no response. “It’s irresponsible to use outdated browsers to do these procedures.

It’s like watching TV that I’ve been asked for a VHS,” Domingo says. And he’s setting another example. “You have to do it electronically to ask for a CIF, but if I can’t renew my digital signature, it’s very complicated to ask.

“Furthermore, both associations have requested a meeting of the telecommunications council (of which they are part) so that’ there is intercession from the Ministry of the Digital Agenda.’

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They also hope that the Ombudsman will’ take action on the matter so that everything can be done by telematics.’ It should be easier and more fluid to relationship with the Treasury, but it is full of complications. ”

And the electronic DNI?

The complaint submitted by Internet users associations refers to digital signatures. Something that theoretically does not affect the electronic DNI. But, as AUI’s president explains,« the DNI would have to serve the administration for this digital relationship, but the truth is that no one uses it electronically.

And it’s not being used because doing it’s very complicated ». It should also be remembered that, due to a security problem, the DNI’s electronic signature had to be disabled last November.

According to data from the 2014 eSpaña Report (the most recent that the Orange Foundation has), despite the fact that the electronic DNI was born in 2006, the truth is that the digital version of the national identity document is only 0.02 percent of the procedures that citizens perform with the administration.

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