How Will Nigerian Law Students Cope With The Bar Exam Being Postponed

Honestly, I wrote that title and immediately thought, “I have no earthly idea.” The world is absolutely batshit crazy right now, and I spend most of my days working from a panic fort that I built out of pillows and blankets on the floor in my office (that’s a story for another day). Who am I to be telling anyone how to cope with bad news? Well, I’ve had years of experience helping law students through stressful times and even more experience coping with my own stress and anxiety. So, I’m going to put my skills to good use and do my best to help you through this.

How Will Nigerian Law Students Cope With The Bar Exam Being Postponed

First, I want to virtually validate your feelings. Are you relieved? That’s fine. Scared? That’s fine. Angry? That’s fine. Sad? Also perfectly fine. Whatever it is you are feeling is 100% fine. You may be hearing a lot of “what’s the big deal? It is just a test” or “you are lucky that you aren’t sick” or some version of “be grateful for what you have.” While I’m sure the people who say these things have good intentions, the effect of statements like that is invalidating your very real feelings. I want to make one thing abundantly clear: your life, career, and future have been flipped upside down, and you do not need mine, or any else’s permission to grieve that.

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Next, you have to keep in mind that the situation is rapidly evolving. My opinion, which is worth little on a good day and next to nothing right now, is that the decision to postpone the Nigeria bar exam until the fall is just Nigeria’s way of buying themselves some time. We can’t possibly know whether Nigeria legal Education coucil, or any other jurisdiction, will actually offer a fall bar exam or whether they will ultimately choose some alternative way to license new lawyers this year.

Finally, and here is the real kick in the pants, you don’t have control over any of it. You don’t decide if and when there will be a bar exam. You don’t decide if there will be emergency licensing. And you don’t even decide when these decisions will be made. You can choose to see that as frustrating or as freeing. These are real problems that need real solutions, but it is not YOUR responsibility to solve them. And worrying about them constantly certainly will not help.

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Over the past few days, they’ve been flooded questions from students about what postponing the bar exam means for them and what they should be doing. While most of us have more questions than answers,

Please lawyers in the house help lets talk about this issue since coronavirus affects every thing entirely of which education not exampted at all.

What will it be for lawyers supposedly the Nigerian Law school continue to suspend this year bar II exams, how will it affect Nigerian yet to become lawyers an next set of law student that suppose to be called 2021/22.

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