With the Galaxy S9, Samsung is the most prominent mwc

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung is the most prominent mwc

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung is the most prominent mwc

Huawei introduces the new V30S without frames and Nokia a new 8110 without frames.

Samsung managed not to be surprised to catch up on the first day in Barcelona of the Mobility World Congress (MWC). On your part: a good worthy product worthy and much more decaffeinated than on other occasions, but driven by news released by its biggest competitors, Below is an analysis of the submissions that were held in Barcelona this Sunday:


1,2 billion mobile photos have been taken worldwide last year and 5,000 million emojis shared daily. In this connection, Samsung presented its new 2018 bet with its camera eyes and the new approach to communicating with its users. Therefore, on the design level of its predecessor, the new GalaxyS9 does not differ too much. Continues in this style so characteristic and caring of the southern Korean company with an endless screen on rounded sides and a fingerprints rear sensor (this time in a better position). Its price: S9’s 849 and S9’s 949. Its price:

In the field of photography, it’s surprising, as in high-end models, that the PLUS version contains the double camera. But this isn’t the case in S9. It has naturally the largest sensor available on the market (f/2.4 and f/1.5) that adjusts luminous photos depending on the ambient light, even in dark environments without flash requirements. They assured the presentation in Samsung that “28 percent lighter than the S8 Galaxy.” For the S9 Plus there’s a double camera, a 12 MP camera and a 12 MP telephoto with double opening. The front is 8 MP with opening f/1.7 in either case.

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung is the most prominent mwc

The arrival of animated emoticons is one of the curiosities. The animojis of the iPhone X enables the user to make his / her own personality and the handset produces an animated doll like him which is customisable with clothes, hairstyles, accessories and a long etc. This AR Emoji represents 18 different expressions that can be sent to friends even if they have a mobile model because they are shipped as gifs.

In the middle of a territorial crisis, the King bets for Barcelona and eludes critique of secessionism

5.8-inch S9 and 6.2-inch Plus screens on both sides with curved OLED panel. They are available in three colors in Spain: black, light blue and a beautiful violet. They will have AKG certified front speakers with Dolby Atmos. The S9 has 4 GB of RAM and 64, 128 or 256 GB in terms of performance and capacity, but is expandable to 400 GB using the largest SD card to date. The version Plus only changes its output to 6 GB RAM. 3,000 mAh for both S9 and 3,500 mAh for S9 Plus were left over for both.

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